Bespoke manufacturing solutions, cable assemblies and electronic components
Flair Electronics Bespoke manufacturing solutions, cable assemblies and electronic components
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Why our customers choose us

Flair provide ARG with high quality, good value bespoke cable assemblies and connectors. We find ... View more here....
  • 40 years of experience
  • In depth technical knowledge
  • Built to
    "IPC 620/WHMA-A-620"
  • Highest standards of workmanship
  • First class attention to detail
  • Robust quality systems
  • Flexibility and responsiveness, we always deliver on time

High Quality PCB Assembly

We design, manufacture and populate PCBs including full functionality testing. We can produce a single board right up to runs of several thousdands plus boards can be integrated into chassis as part of an entire turnkey solution. Our PCB capabilities inlcude:

  • Single, double sided, multilayer boards with various copper thicknesses and plating
  • FR4, flexible circuit and IMS (metal clad boards) for various applications
  • Boards up to 1600mm x 400mm in size
  • Through hole parts or surface mount parts routinely down to 0201
  • ISO9001: 2008 and IPC610
  • Leaded and Lead free
  • Special capability in LED
  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) and BGA inspection, extensive test capability.

We are confident that even the most complicated boards can be produced for integration into enclosures and are happy, as part of the total build, to receive your Gerbers, drill files, BOMs and PCB specs to include PCBs into the total project. We can help with the design and manufacture of PCBs too.

PCB Assembly