Bespoke Cable Assembly in the UK

We can meet your custom cabling needs.  We are experts in all aspects of custom cable assemblies, harnesses and cable looms. We can supply any quantity, from one offs up to thousands, and any cable length, from a few centimetres up to 20 metres.  We can supply almost any kind of termination, including solder (leaded/lead free), IDC and crimp. 

We offer cost-effective production of RF and COAX cables, because of our programmable coaxial cable preparation machine.  

We work to IPC 620 administered by our in house trainer, and use state of the art Cirris automated testers.

We work to your design or help you specify it.

We can work to your design, or we can produce drawings/loom boards for you.  We have years of experience in designing the simplest and most cost-effective solutions.  You are welcome to talk directly to our Production Engineer.  Please do get in touch for a conversation about how we can help.

Why our clients choose us:

  • 100% testing with Cirris testers for both point to point and insulation strength
  • We can provide a sample for approval before production starts
  • We are happy to answer questions and give advice
  • Quick turn-round and competitive prices
  • A flexible service, shaped to meet your needs
  • All cabling work done to IPC 620


We can fit all types of connectors including:

  • MIL5015, MIL38999 from several manufacturers & other circular styles
  • Push pull connectors; ODU, Lemo, Fischer
  • D types, DIN, Mini DIN, Micro D, Hirose, Jack and other AV connectors
  • RJ45, USB, CAT5/6 and other data connectors
  • BNC and all standard RF connectors
  • Molex KK, ribbon cables, and other crimp Board to cable connectors
  • Harting, ILME, IEC320 and other power connectors
  • Standard spade, ring terminal and other crimps in various wire sizes.

IPC 620

All our cabling work is done to IPC 620 standard. It helps us achieve operational excellence, and ensures we always deliver quality assemblies to our clients.

IPC 620 is a joint project of IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits) and WHMA (Wire Harness Manufacturers Association). The standard describes materials, methods, tests and acceptability criteria.  It is the industry-consensus standard used to define quality.

Cirris Cable Testers

We use  Cirris equipment for cable testing. Cirris has been producing state of the art automated cable testers for more than 35 years. People all over the world rely on Cirris to verify the performance of cable assemblies.

Simply call us for a chat about how we can help.

UK Custom Cable Assembly

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