European Bespoke Cable Assembly

Lower prices with the same great quality and service

Our European bespoke cable assembly gives you lower costs, with no loss of quality or customer service.  It provides the same range of electronic and mechanical assembly as our UK assembly.  We make it as easy for you to access European assembly as UK assembly.

We have a strong partnership with a successful and growing European custom cable assembly company. We leverage their access to a highly skilled labour force with lower wage costs than the UK, to give you access to top quality assembly at a great price.

We provide the same high levels of customer service as for our UK cable assembly.  We take care of all the issues around international shipping and import/export.  We are happy to provide samples before production starts. Delivery times are of course slightly slower than for UK assembly, and are usually 3 to 4 weeks.

You have full access to our technical advice and design service.  We can work with your design or create drawings and loom boards for you. With years of experience, we design simple, cost-effective solutions. Feel free to speak directly with our Production Engineer.

If you are not sure if UK or European assembly is best for you please do get in touch: we are happy to talk it through.

European Cable Assembly

Our European partner

Our European cable assembly operations are conducted entirely with our chosen partner company. We have a strong, long-term partnership with them and are entirely happy with the quality of their work.

Our Managing Director has personally ensured that they align with our stringent quality standards. In line with our standards, they are certified under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, employ cutting-edge technology, and boast a team of dedicated and highly proficient professionals.

We consistently conduct tests and oversee their operations, and have consistently found their work to be excellent. With over two decades of experience in the cable assembly industry, they have established a strong presence. Their team comprises over 100 dedicated employees, working in a facility that spans 2,800 square meters of production space.

For cost-effective European pricing with great UK customer service, simply contact us.

European Bespoke Cable Assembly

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