Bespoke manufacturing solutions, cable assemblies and electronic components
Flair Electronics Bespoke manufacturing solutions, cable assemblies and electronic components
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Why our customers choose us

We are a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment to the global cellular industry, Flair supplies cables to our specification. All quotes... View more here....
  • Flair is flexible, reliable and expert
  • In depth technical knowledge
  • We listen rather than make assumptions
  • All projects backed up with 100% testing
  • Highest standards of workmanship
  • First class attention to detail
  • We love a challenge, give us a call
  • Everything we do is up to a standard, not down to a price

Environmental Policy

We are committed to providing clients with solutions for cable assemblies in an environmentally efficient way by providing solutions to re-use and recycle equipment wherever possible. Flair Electronics aims to minimise the amount of waste being sent to land fill by segregating waste, and where possible recycling for alternative commercial use. Our philosophy also embraces the overall reduction in waste and the conservation of natural resources. We recognise our environmental responsibilities and are committed to continuous development in support of the requirements of ISO14001:2004 (Specification for Environmental Management Systems).

Working this way will enable us to:

  • Support our Clients’ corporate obligations
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of improving the global environment and conserving global resources.

Specifically we will:

  1. Set environmental standards which will comply with applicable legal and statutory requirements
  2. Reduce waste and minimise use of energy and other resources, to conserve energy and minimise pollution
  3. Promote the use of recycled materials and sustainable resources to conserve energy and minimise pollution. Promote effective communication within the company to create awareness of environmental issues, monitor progress and best practice guidelines to effect continual improvement and prevention of pollution.