Legal Compliance

Product CE Compliance

If you need help with CE compliance please get in touch.  We can help with design consultancy and CE compliance review against applicable standards such as the Low Voltage Directive.

ROHS Restriction Of Hazardous Substances 2002/95/EC

We work with our supply chain to ensure that products made comply with the requirements of ROHS. Military work, using leaded solder and other non-ROHS components, is managed separately avoiding cross contamination.

European Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC1907/2006) – REACH

Our products are classified as articles that are not intended to release substances under normal or foreseeable conditions of use. As such, we are not directly required to register the materials used in their manufacture. However, we do recognise that the REACH regulation requires us to communicate with our supply chain in order to ensure our products are compliant. We are currently actively working with our direct suppliers to ensure that they understand their obligations under REACH and the need to work with their own supply chain to ensure timely pre-registration of affected substances and preparations. Additionally, we are surveying our supply chain to determine whether the potential SVHC candidates under consideration by the European Chemical Agency are used in any components so that we can be prepared to meet any forward-looking communication obligations to our customers. If you require further information regarding our commitment and obligation under The REACH or ROHS Directive please email our legal compliance representative

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