Bespoke manufacturing solutions, cable assemblies and electronic components
Flair Electronics Bespoke manufacturing solutions, cable assemblies and electronic components
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Why our customers choose us

Flair provide ARG with high quality, good value bespoke cable assemblies and connectors. We find ... View more here....
  • 40 years of experience
  • In depth technical knowledge
  • Built to
    "IPC 620/WHMA-A-620"
  • Highest standards of workmanship
  • First class attention to detail
  • Robust quality systems
  • Flexibility and responsiveness, we always deliver on time

What Flair can do for you

Running a business is tough so you need a reliable expert supplier for your cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, looms and turnkey solutions. You need Flair for:
  • Guidance when developing new ideas or modernising existing designs to streamline production or reduce costs
  • Help with product compliance and CE legislation
  • Expertise for one-off or large production runs from the simplest point to point cable to the most complicated cabinet, backed up by 100% testing
  • Recommendations for custom enclosures, precision machining of turned part or CNC components
  • Flexible production for printed circuit boards of all types and sizes to support our harnessing, turnkey solutions and integration
  • Maximum flexibility, from small batches to large runs, holding buffer stock, with the same high standards of workmanship throughout

Friendly and expert assistance – call us to find out how we can help.